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Mission Statement:
The Carpenter's Hands are called by Jesus Himself, being the chief cornerstone, to be his hands extended to the needy across the world by building of orphanages, medical centers, schools and churches. While others are called to speak with their mouths the message of the love of Jesus and his saving power, our message is spoken through the work of our hands.

Make a Donation!
All donations are used to support the ministry of the Carpenter's Hands.

Donations are not used to pay for the labor, transportation, or personal use of the members, or helpers of The Carpenter's Hands.

Non-Profit Organization:
The Carpenter's Hands is supported in prayer and finances by churches, organizations, businesses and individuals who believe that true change can only begin through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are a non-profit organization seeking to advance the kingdom of God by enriching the lives of children all over the world.